It’s quite simple: If you want to sell something for the best possible price, it’s best to advertise where most SERIOUS BUYERS are looking.

A few key facts:

Most home buyers already live locally.
Britain, the majority of home buyers move only a short distance from their previous residence…. perhaps to a better neighbourhood, or to be close to a school… but typically the move is within a few miles.

Who hasn’t heard of the ESPC?
If you’ve lived in Edinburgh for any length of time, or had any interest in the local property market, you will certainly have heard of the ESPC. Ask yourself, if you were buying a home locally, where would you certainly look?

Even if a buyer starts their search elsewhere, they will almost inevitably end up looking on the ESPC website if they are serious about buying in the Edinburgh area…. Because the large majority of local properties for sale are advertised in the ESPC.

The best price for your property
Independent research has proven that local home sellers using ESPC agents achieve a higher price, on average, than non- ESPC agents. A 3% higher price on a £200,000 property amounts to a £6,000 gain for the home seller.

The ESPC, established in 1971, is recognised locally as the “go to” resource for property matters.  If you are thinking of selling your property, be sure to check that your agent is an ESPC member.  If an agent does not display the ESPC logo they are probably not ESPC members and will not be able to advertise on the ESPC media.

(A note about other platforms: Some property websites rave about the number of “hits” or users of their site. This, in itself, is not important. The critical issue that home sellers need to consider is the number of serious buyers (i.e. who definitely want to buy locally and soon) who are looking for homes in their category. A large number of hits is useless if they come from people looking at, for example, London properties.)

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