First Time Buyer Financial Assistance

First Time Buyer Financial Assistance

Blog Government Help For First Time Home Buyers   (2022) “LIFT” The Open Market Shared Equity Scheme Through the Scottish Government’s Low-cost Initiative for First Time Buyers (“LIFT”), applicants can receive up to 40% funding towards the price of a home...

Get Your Roof Examined!

Blog As winter approaches, the chance of roof leaks increases. The roof is arguably the most important part of a property and any ingress of water can lead to serious long term issues: Rotting timbers, often due to small, long term leaks, can mean crippling repair costs....

Advertising Your Edinburgh Home

Blog It’s quite simple: If you want to sell something for the best possible price, it’s best to advertise where most SERIOUS BUYERS are looking. A few key facts: Most home buyers already live locally. In Britain, the majority of home buyers move only a short...

5 Tips to Help Sell Your Property in Wintertime

Blog A home is a place associated with shelter, warmth, comfort and security. Whilst these factors can apply all year round, they can often be magnified in the depths of wintertime, giving sellers an opportunity to present a sense of homeliness that may be less obvious...

Property Valuation

Blog What’s your property worth?  Ultimately, it’s worth as much as the market will pay for it.  Property valuations given by surveyors and estate agents before a property is marketed are estimates of what the market is likely to pay.  Typically, such estimates...

Pre-Home Report Assessments

Blog   These days, you will need a Home Report before marketing your home.   As the Home Report will be freely available for any potential buyer to read, it is critical to treat the Home Report SURVEY with all due diligence. Getting a PRE-HOME REPORT appraisal, well...

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