What’s your property worth?  Ultimately, it’s worth as much as the market will pay for it.  Property valuations given by surveyors and estate agents before a property is marketed are estimates of what the market is likely to pay.  Typically, such estimates are based on a mix of data including recent sales figures combined with market knowledge and experience.

Your Home Report, prepared by an official independent Surveyor, will include a “Valuation” figure.  As this will be visible to prospective buyers, they will inevitably be somewhat guided by it.

Finding out well in advance what the valuation is likely to be can be very helpful if you are looking closely at mortgages and costs for your house move.

At Aikman Bell we can normally give accurate guidance about the likely valuation level the official surveyor will place on your property.  As a prospective home seller you can request a Free Property Valuation here.

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