As winter approaches, the chance of roof leaks increases. The roof is arguably the most important part of a property and any ingress of water can lead to serious long term issues: Rotting timbers, often due to small, long term leaks, can mean crippling repair costs.

Ongoing routine maintenance is much easier on the pocket, (especially for flat owners sharing a common roof) so getting a roof inspection and doing any appropriate small repairs is far more preferable.

Much of the traditional housing in Edinburgh has reached an age where structural issues relating to roofs and walls are more likely to arise, so attention to these factors is important, from both the perspective of actually living there and also selling the property.

As always, getting multiple quotes from established roofers is recommended. Written reports and guarantees covering completed work are important and well worth keeping on file to show Home Report surveyors and, eventually, potential buyers.

These trade associations may be helpful if you are searching for a reputable roofing firm:,,

Additionally, is a well policed Council review site.

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