A home is a place associated with shelter, warmth, comfort and security. Whilst these factors can apply all year round, they can often be magnified in the depths of wintertime, giving sellers an opportunity to present a sense of homeliness that may be less obvious during the summer months. Here are five simple but often overlooked tips to help viewers feel more positive about your property:

TIP 1: Buying is ultimately an emotional decision, so try to appeal to all the senses. When it’s cold outside, it can be a source of great comfort for potential buyers to come into a warm, welcoming house.  Make sure all the rooms are comfortably warm for viewings.

TIP 2: If viewers are visiting in daytime, by all means make the most of natural daylight, but also use tasteful interior lighting for added effect, especially in the darker evenings.

TIP 3: Get rid of any strong odours: even animal lovers would prefer not to smell the dog or any other pets when they’re considering buying a house. On the other hand, fresh coffee, home baking or a scented candle can add a positive homely ambience to a property.

TIP 4: Distracting noises do not help the viewing process. Switch off the TV and any audio devices and give the viewers full attention during their visit.

Tip 5: In wintertime, home sellers also have the chance to present the OUTSIDE of their property very well at a time when gardens can look dull and lifeless. It’s an investment to make things as neat & tidy as possible. Having a few planters with colourful winter flowers can really enhance the “kerb appeal”. These can be kept protected, undercover until viewing times. Get rid of dead plants and leaves; Ensure you paths are kept clear of snow and ice. If you have an entrance light, make sure it’s switched on during viewing periods. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Of course, there are many other factors in presenting your home that apply at any time of year, but these subtle features can help you sell during the winter months.  Email us now for your FREE pre-sale market evaluation: admin@aikmanbell.co.uk


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